Nordy’s BBQ & Grill

Name: Nordy’s BBQ & Grill
Location: Loveland, CO
Owner: Nordhagen Land Company, LLC
Architect: MCG Architects
Size: 7,179 Square Feet
Construction Value: $1‐5 Million

Nordy’s BBQ and Grill is a stunning modern design with old world finishes, including extensive use of “Beatle Kill Pine” from the devastated forests of Colorado. This facility is a part of the Owner’s signature line of restaurants, not the typical chain store. The menu will include smoked BBQ, grilled, and slow cooked meats of all varieties served in a Colorado Craftsman setting.

The structure is timber and wood framed with view corridors to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Timber roofing with AC Foam Nailbase panels provided structural options allowing wider spans and yet architecturally pleasing details, all with the equivalent R value of a conventionally framed roof. Dining at Nordy’s will be an experiential happening, not just a good place to eat. The location is at the cross road of two major highways that include major hotels and events centers.