Primus (pri•mus,  prms):  Medieval Latin word meaning
 'first' or 'primary'.  Also the
 first in rank of the bishops of
 Contracting (con•tract•ing,
 kn trkt):    To make an
 agreement; to covenant; to
 agree; to bargain.  From the
 Latin word contractus,
 meaning to draw together.
 (p. pr. & vb. n.)
 Group (grp):
 A number of individuals or
 things considered together
 because of similarities.
License Information

 CA Corporate ID#: C2467380
 CA Contractors Lic#: 814726
 CO Corporate ID#: 20021251822
 UT Corporate ID#: 5197609

Panel Erection at Indian Falls Project.

There is an old theory that two heads are better than one.  At Primus Contracting Group, Inc. we believe in applying that theory to an old business: Construction.  A group of proven construction professionals, each with unique insights and experiences, can merge their talents into a unified vision for the sole purpose of constructing facilities of the highest quality and value.

Las Casuelas Quinta - Primus' 1st Project.

We also believe when people have a vested interest in a project, they will perform to the highest levels of production, quality, and safety.  The result is a project delivered ahead of schedule, on budget, and to the highest standards.

Contact us for information on how we can put a team together for your next project.